Lighting The Way Rewards

We want to encourage and reward our athletes for growing in 5 key areas: Wellness, Education, Faith, Service, and Leadership. Complete challenges (get parent permission first) and earn points to receive prizes for developing into a better person and player.

Download the Rewards Program sheet and complete the challenges (ideas listed below), have a parent initial each dot for the challenge completed (or initial it yourself if you're an adult), and then get your rewards!

You are responsible for keeping your paper. Once you complete each level, bring your paper to your league and your coach will sign that you received your award.

The following is a list of ideas for each level. If you'd like to do something else, double check with a parent or coach to make sure it meets the requirements. Completing 1 item is worth 10 points. Levels 1-4 may be completed in any order, then Level 5 is customized leadership program.

Download LTW Rewards Sheet Here

Level 1: Service

  • 2 hours volunteering=10 points

    • Soup Kitchen​

    • Humane Shelter

    • VBS

    • Cleaning up trash

    • Send care packages

Level 2: Education

  • Each list item=10 points

    • 1 A on Report Card​

    • 2 B's on Report Card

    • Raising two C's or D's one letter grade

    • Read each weekday for one month

    • Attend an extended learning/adult learning class (on anything: a new hobby, academics, etc)

Level 3: Faith

  • Each list item=10 points

    • Complete LTW Faith for 2 weeks​

    • Read Bible 10 minutes each day for a month

    • Pray before bed each day for 2 weeks

    • Attend church 4 times

Level 4: Wellness

  • Each list item=10 points

    • Eat healthy breakfast everyday for 1 month​

    • Eat 2 fruits and 2 vegetables each day for a month

    • Complete LTW Wellness drill 10 days in a month

    • Stretch or be active for 30 minutes 3 times a week for a month

Level 5: Leadership

  • Complete Levels 1-4 for customized leadership program


  • 20 Points: Recognition Star

  • 50 Points: Poison Puck

  • 70 Points: Recognition Star

  • 100 Points: Numbers on Jersey​

  • 120 Points: Recognition Star

  • 150 Points: Cinch Bag

  • 170 Points: Recognition Star

  • 200 Points: Name on Jersey

  • 220 Points: Recognition Star

  • 250 Points: Water Bottle

  • 270 Points: Recognition Star

  • 300 Points: Custom Bible

  • 320 Points: Recognition Star

  • 350 Points: Private Hockey Lesson

  • 370 Points: Recognition Star

  • 400 Points: 2 Komets Tickets

  • 420 Points: Recognition Star

  • 450 Points: Captain "C" on Jersey

  • 500 Points: Final Recognition Star + A Party in Your Honor

His master said to him, 'Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.'

Matthew 25:21